From seasoned, highly regarded industry professionals to the brightest future stars of fast moving consumer goods, you'll come to know these wonderful people and many more when you join the Liaise family.

Alex D’Castro

Client Manager

October 2006

Alex Vanrenen

Client Manager

March 2013

Andrea Mead

SA State Manager

February 2013

Anne-Marie Dib

National Administration Manager

April 2000

Carol Ferdinands

Office Manager

January 2001

Mark Giusti

Client Manager

July 2021

Jamie Roczniak

Client Manager

July 2003

Kieren French

NSW State Manager

July 2018

Lee Thompson

Vic/Tas State Manager

September 2020

Mark Dinardo

Client Manager

October 2010

Maria Anastassiou

National Operations Assistant

April 2010

Maurice Tagliavento

Client Manager

November 2002

Mike Hardy

Client Manager

October 2014

Rowan Flower

QLD State Manager

August 2004

Scott Sanderson

WA State Manager

March 2009

Arron Williams

National Operations Manager

June 2004

Tony Merlino

Managing Director

August 1998

Join the Family

The longevity and professionalism of our employees is why we’ve been so successful over the years. Our team family are imbued with a sense of identity and are challenged to grow professionally and personally. After all, that evolution we are so proud of starts with our amazing team.


At Liaise Marketing we can offer you more than remuneration and take the word “Package” to a new level. We tried to think of some fancy four pillar mantra about life at Liaise Marketing but our team agrees that a career at Liaise can be summed up best by 2 words;

We empower our team to not only challenge themselves, but also us. Our feedback loop is what helps us to get better at creating great teams.

We embrace your independence to find a path that leads to like-minded colleagues that will foster your professional growth.

So please, get in touch to let us know who you are and why you could make a difference at Liaise Marketing. We are always on the hunt for the next retail star.

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