Liaise Marketing has come a long way since 1998, when Tony Merlino had the vision and determination to redefine the FMCG broker industry, ushering in long lasting results to many household brands. Back then our eagerness to grow saw Liaise learn every aspect of retail execution to help our brands succeed where it counts most…. in stores!

Decades later, that same determination and work ethic remain the back bone of Liaise Marketing, it drives us to evolve and grow with our clients. Much like life, it’s always about the journey and regardless of size we want to take any brand to the next level.



Truth be told, our services differ very little from our competitors. What does set us apart is our strengths – our full-time sales reps cover 96% of Australia allowing them to build brands and relationships extensively. We re-invest heavily in field execution, arming them with the best tools. Finally, having one owner and no alliances, simplifies our decision-making, allowing Liaise to be nimble, adaptable & responsive.



The benefit of our extensive coverage is the inherent adaptable nature of our field team, translating those valuable grocery skills into other channels such as pharmacies, department stores and anywhere where grocery brands need representation. The outlet is just a vessel for our field team to raise brand awareness.

This coverage highlights our depth, and is bolstered by the strong relationships we maintain with every store and every client.


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