Our team visits roughly 400 stores across Australia, every day, creating a vast network of data points that we translate into meaningful insights.

Liaise Marketing is always at the forefront of customer relationship management systems, adopting our first CRM in the early 2000’s. Since then we have maintained a steady trajectory to enhance our customer management and reporting systems, to be one step ahead of the competition.

Partnered with leading mobile technology operator Opmetrix, we can capture almost any data point encountered during a store visit. We use these to create tailored analytics to give your business direction and make decisions with confidence.

“Liaise has developed benchmark reporting systems. It is testament to their desire and determination to stay ahead. They actively work with us to understand what metrics drive the Sirena business and create insightful analytics to help us pursue growth on a macro level.”

David Abela, Business Manager Iconic Food Distribution Pty Ltd (Sirena Tuna)


Okay, so even we get bamboozled by the constant barrage of tech/data buzz words our IT gurus throw at us…. It honestly feels like they are just making up words most of the time. So to help you out, and us, we’ll dispel a few from the perspective of Liaise Analytics;

Data Points – A measurable point where the sales rep interacts with the customer. This can be where a product is ranged, or, how much space a product occupies compared to its competitors.

Analytics – Our analytics provide clarity on these data points, allowing you to see the amazing results of our team and how your products are performing.

Insights – Using Liaise Analytics, we can provide a deep understanding of the problems you are facing in the field and work with you to rectify them.

“Liaise’s bespoke analytics and reporting capabilities have allowed us to fully understand our in-store activity at any moment in time and enable us to see trends over time. All the vital metrics to monitor our business are at our fingertips. Liaise’s analytics make our business better and our jobs easier.”

Michael Joel, Category, Strategy and Insights Manager, Unicharm Australasia

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